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Large and small visitor groups can have a guided tour of Campus Galli at any time – by prior arrangement and at a small extra charge per person. Guided circular tours are available at present in German, English, French and Russian. Our visitor guides will accompany you on a journey back to the Early Middle Ages and show you the various trades and crafts being carried out on the monastery building site. You'll get an insight into the monastery town in the making and learn more about the present phase of construction.

Admission prices:  
Under 12 participants EUR 9
12 participants upwards EUR 8
Bus drivers & tour guides free


Price for guided tour:  
Up to 12 participants EUR 35
12 participants upwards EUR 3 extra per person
Bus drivers & tour guides free

Duration of tour: approx. 90 minutes

Dishes with a history

A medieval menu that tickles the palate and all the other senses, too – based on original ingredients known in the Middle Ages and inspired by purchase lists from the archives of a medieval imperial city. A team of chefs who are enthused by the tasteful approach to a rustic era. And a minstrel who combines jesting with causerie – after all, guests don't want to miss out on medieval lore. You'll learn lots of interesting facts from 800 years of medieval culture:

  • Charles the Great and the Carolingian Age
  • the St. Gall Monastery Plan: culture spreads from the monasteries
  • the liberating influence of the cities – knights and imperial towns
  • fashion, festivals, plague and war: the everyday lives of the common people

Four-course meal with entertainment, 150 minutes, 250 EUR basic price
Menu surcharge: EUR 39 per person


Der WandermönchThe competent escort for your group! Angus, the itinerant monk, will tell you some down-to-earth facts about what life was really like in the ninth century. Sent out as a missionary to Christianise the heathen Alemanni, he left his Irish homeland and started off on a long peregrination in the direction of St. Gall. The witty wandering monk will accompany you for a while – and tell you of some of the dreadful dangers which he met on his wanderings, his encounter with the weird "Man of the Woods" and of the rumours circulating about the alleged plan to build a whole new monastery town near Messkirch. Give him a lift on your horse-drawn carriage, or offer him a seat at your table – the itinerant monk will reward you with songs and stories.

Angus, the itinerant monk, escort for groups, 60 minutes, 95 EUR standard charge


The St. Gall Abbey complex has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 – and the maganificent Baroque ensemble with its library and cathedral are guaranteed to render  speechless even those normally immune to culture. During the 90-minute guided tour you'll glean a host of interesting information about the Baroque cathedral with its imposing façade and twin towers – the main landmark of the town of St. Gallen and one of the last monumental monastery buildings of the Baroque era. The heart of the monastery complex is the Abbey Library, one of the oldest and most beautiful in the world. The impressive collection of original Early Medieval manuscripts has made this institution world famous.

Group tour for max. 25 participants
- Price: EUR 180.00*

Abbey Library:
- Single ticket: EUR 12.00*
- Groups of 10 persons upwards: EUR 10.00* per person

*For prices in euros the current rate of exchange applies.

Contact: St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourismus, Bankgasse 9, CH-9001 St.Gallen, Tel. +41 71 227 37 37,,

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